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The face of a horse

Chugaev Valentin. The face of a horse
canvas/acrylic 60cm x 50cm 2017
The artwork is framed
Available only for commission

825 USD

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Genre: Animal
Publication date: 2017.03.26
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And the horse stands like a knight on a clock, The wind plays in light hair, Eyes burn like two huge worlds And the mane fades like royal porphyry And if a man saw the Face of a magic horse, He would wrest his tongue powerless And I would give the horse, truly worthy To have a magic horses tongue We would hear the words Great words like apples Thick, Like honey or steep milk Words that pierce like a flame And, into the soul like a fire in a hut, Wretched decoration illuminate. "N.Zabolotsky, 1926, Excerpt from" The Face of a Horse ".
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