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Sunny Day. March

Author: Kremer Mark
Kremer Mark. Sunny Day. March
canvas/oil 61cm x 82cm 2015

Price 3393 USD

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Genre: Landscape
Style: Realism
Publication date: 2017.02.28
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The wooden fence and the gate are covered with snow. On the snow-covered road people leave the yard. The man is carrying buckets, and the woman is the yoke. They go for water and talk about something. In the yard on a low hill stands a log house and a large barn. Their roofs are still in the snow. Near the house has a small haystack. The courtyard is flooded with the rays of a bright spring sun. Behind the roofs of the houses tall trees and clouds of blue sky. In the distance a dense forest is stretched in a narrow dark strip. At the fence in the foreground of the picture is a small bush. Birds, flying from branch to branch, rejoice at the first warm rays of spring.
Kremer Mark
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