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Two womens heads under an umbrella (Kitagawa Utamaro. Copy)

Author: Kondrat Ivan
Kondrat Ivan. Two womens heads under an umbrella (Kitagawa Utamaro. Copy)
wood 64.5cm x 11cm 2019
The artwork is framed

Price 4101 USD

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Publication date: 2020.07.27
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The marquetry painting "Two womens heads under an umbrella" is based on a color engraving by the Japanese artist Kitagawa Utamaro (1753-1806), one of the greatest masters of ukiyo-e (translated from Japanese - images of a changing world, a "floating" world) - direction in Japanese visual arts. The word "ukiyo" has a double meaning: it can be understood as the Buddhist term "the world of sorrow" and as "the world of fleeting pleasures, love" (the original meaning was transformed over time). Ukiyo-e engraving is the main type of woodcut in Japan, which became popular in the second half of the 17th century in the urban culture of Edo (modern Tokyo). Kitagawa Utamaros work largely determined the features of Japanese classical engraving.

Kitagawa Utamaros works are kept in numerous museums and Art Galleries around the world: Brooklyn Museum in New York, National Gallery of Victoria in Australia, Museum of East Asian Art in Cologne, Museum of Japanese Art Tikotin in Israel, National Gallery of Finland, British Museum in London, etc..

The size of the painting " Two womens heads under an umbrella " is close to the size of the original.
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