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Singing waxwings

Parker Vestalia. Singing waxwings
silk 95cm x 95cm 2016
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Genre: Animal
Publication date: 2016.11.07
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The composition of the picture is perceived as a part of thick crown of tree. Expressive placer of leaves is scattered in the general area of the canvas. Locality of color and, at the same time, the texture of foliage that goes beyond pictures gives a sense of infinity, as if the story begins and ends not in the framework of picture. Before the spectator birds are playing and singing in harmony with its natural environment. Author accidentally saw the game of birds and expressed the subtle dynamics of the moment. Dense and warm air breathes scents of late spring. This vibrant and bright canvas conveys a sense of luxuriant riot of life. The birds sitting on the branches are harmoniously interrelated and their unpretentious and natural poses arise from the heart of nature. The author was looking for something mysterious and tremulous. The artist fond of not only external but also internal beauty and life force of birds. Image of birds became for her deeply native in its meaning and content.
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