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Mishagin Andrey. Not titled
Mishagin Andrey.
Not titled

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Icon of the Mother of God of Vladimir

Stepanov Gennadiy. Icon of the Mother of God of Vladimir

According to the pious tradition, the prototype of the Mother of God of Vladimir was written by the Evangelist Luke on the board from the table, at which the Holy Family was eating: the Savior with the Most Pure Mother and the righteous Joseph the Obrichnik.

The Mother of God saw this image and said:
"From now on you will love me.
The grace of Him that was born of Me and Mine in this way be! ".

This is the most lyrical of all types of iconography of the Virgin, revealing the human and spiritual side of the Virgin Mary's communion with His Son.
In this touching composition, in addition to direct meaning, there is a deep theological idea: the Mother of God holding the Son appears as a symbol of the soul, in close communion with God.
The image of the Virgin is a special spiritual gift to a loved one.

The icon is consecrated in the St. Vladimir's Church.

Materials: An icon board with an ark. Butt oak cords. Pavoloka. Levkas. Treated gold. Butter. Tempera. Natural amber varnish.

Stepanov Gennadiy. Icon of the Mother of God of Vladimir
wood/tempera 30cm x 24cm 2018
Price 109 USD

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