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Shedrina Maria

Shedrina Maria
Registration 2020.05.08
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     - painting: 370
     - graphics: 452

Painting (11 artworks)

Соловей поет
Flying over Venus
Пролетая над Венерой

Graphics (52 artworks)

Live in your head...
Жить в твоей голове...
Flowers in November
Цветы в ноябре
Tanya, don't cry!..
Танечка, не плачь!..


My first word was "brush" instead of "mama", my father is an artist - so i had to become an artist! After graduating from an Arts institute i worked as a designer for a long time.
As an emotional person, I need to express feelings in my art - so I chose expressionism. I also love experimenting, it's my way of self-development which results in some unusual technics I use. As true romantic, I always seek beauty, and yes, I am sure - beauty is saving the World!
Veranes Tatiana
Grinding coffee
Veranes Tatiana. Grinding coffee
745 USD
Balantsov Valery
Balantsov Valery. Roses
298 USD
Chigodaeva Catherine
Chigodaeva Catherine. Devotion
474 USD
Vyrvich Valentin
Not titled
Vyrvich Valentin. Not titled
609 USD
Averchenkov Oleg
Not titled
Averchenkov Oleg. Not titled
203 USD
Yaskin Vladimir
Spring morning
Yaskin Vladimir. Spring morning
650 USD

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