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Leda and the Swan

Author: Volchek Lika
Volchek Lika. Leda and the Swan
paper/pastel 29.7cm x 21cm 2007
The artwork is framed

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Genre: Nudes
Style: Abstract
Publication date: 2008.05.15
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Artwork exhibited in the gallery "Liberty" is used in the video installation "Nu neolitizm", which was presented at the Central Exhibition Hall "Manezh" St. Petersburg, in the Volgograd Museum of Fine Arts
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Amid the dark grove, under the shade of fragrant lime trees,
In the high reeds where frequent pearls
Swell foam water srebristyh,
Hesitantly quiet breeze
Cover bashful beauty,
Carelessly thrown, lay near the shore,
And the charm of its flow playful wave
With joy watered. ..
But something between bushes coastal vosshumelo,
And a great sense of timidity seized;
I shuddered, unable vozdohnut.

And the king of birds from the bent willow
Spread your wings proudly,
It floats beauty - full of fun breasts
With noisy penoyu bravely wave drives,
Air wing beats,
Then in the ring neck Vietnamese,
That proud head, humbled before Leda tends. ..
Come to your senses at last, beauty mladaya
Opened quiet gaze, in the torture of grief:
And what I saw? - On a bed of flowers
It rests in the arms of Zeus;
Between them young love -
And the curtain fell adorable sacrament.
AS Pushkin
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