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Aleksandrov Vladimir. Copy of painting. Ivan Shishkin. The first snow  
Aleksandrov Vladimir.
Copy of painting. Ivan Shishkin. The first snow

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Larsky Nikolai

Larsky Nikolai

City:Moscow, Russia
URL: //
Contacts:e-mail to the artist's agent
Artworks total: 2002
Registration date: 2009.02.07
ArtNow rating:
     - painting: 642
     - graphics: 581
     - art glass: 488
     - wall painting: 504
     - giclee, prints, posters: 512

The Well-earned artist of the Russian Federation (1937 - 2018).
Awards: the Gold Medal of the Russian Academy of Arts, the Diploma of the Russian Academy of Arts, the Gold Medal of the Creative Union of Artists of the Russian Federation, Laureate of the National Ecological Prize «EcoWorld» 1-st degree, decorated with the Honorary Order of the Russian Academy of natural sciences - Silver Cross «Order of Merit», awarded with Diploma of the political party «The ecological party of Russia «Greenparty» and other diplomas and prizes.
Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia, the Moscow Union of Artists.
Took place more than twenty personal exhibitions painting and more than one hundred group exhibitions in Russia and overseas.
The artist works in painting (the still life, landscape, portrait, composition), graphic art and placard.
His multiform creative work is reflected in a number of monographies: «Portrait», «Paintings», «Landscape», «Improvisations», «Corrosions», «Early Avant-Garde», «LARSKY» etc.
Published multiple articles in russian and foreign press, the reproductions of the artworks is published in different journals and books on art.
The artworks are keep in private and corporate collections in Russia and different countries of Europe, Asia, America. The artist is living and work in Moscow.

Larsky Nikolai. Painting (1497 artworks ) >>

Цветы. 18 августа 2017
Земляне покидают свою загаженную планету и переселяются на Зелёную планету. Из выставочного проекта Н. Ларского "Экологический апокалипсис, распятая природа".
Цветы. 13 июня 2017
Цветы. 1 августа 2017
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Larsky Nikolai. Graphics (465 artworks ) >>

Дамы - разрыв, ссора
небо, лучизм
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Larsky Nikolai. Art glass (3 artworks ) >>

крест, цветное стекло
витраж, цветное стекло
дверь, витраж, цветное стекло

Larsky Nikolai. Wall painting (4 artworks ) >>

роспись стены
роспись стен
роспись стен
детство. роспись

Larsky Nikolai. Giclee, prints, posters (33 artworks ) >>

Современные старцы и современные Сусанны на Арбате...
Крым. море, девушки с цветами и девушка с татуировкой
Крым, пляж, нудисты
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