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Продажа картин. Картинная галерея. Живопись, графика, рисунки

Butko Vladimir. Attack
Butko Vladimir.

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Prudnikova Lina

Prudnikova Lina

City:Saint-Petersburg, Russia
URL: //
Contacts:e-mail to the artist
Artworks total: 674
Registration date: 2008.10.16
ArtNow rating:
     - painting: 692
     - graphics: 570
     - batic: 515
     - copies: 482
     - jeweller art: 555
     - wall painting: 469
     - decor: 482

Prudnikova Yelena Sergeyevna

She was born in Chita, Russia, in July, 27, 1978. In 1997 she graduated from the Chitinsky Art School as an artist designer.

2000-2007 - Education at the Academy of Arts, n. a. I.E.Repin, the Art Department (V.V.Zagonek’s workroom).

She is a member of the of the Artists’ Union of Russia.


2001 - Pushgory, Russia. Exposition at the open-air museum.

2002 - Spain. Work on the set of portraits.

2003 - Lugano, Switzerland. Exhibition, devoted to the 300-anniversary of Saint Petersburg. 2003- Livan. Exhibition of Drawings.

2004 - Seul, Korea. Exhibition of Drawings.

2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 - St.Petersburg, Russia. «Autumn-Spring Exhibitions at the Artists’ Union of SPb».

2003, 2004, 2005 - St.Petersburg, Russia. «From Avant-garde to Nowadays» at the Artists’ Union of SPb.

2005, 2006 - St.Petersburg, Russia. A member of the «International Art-Fair».

2003, 2005-2007 - Moscow, Russia. Works were exhibited in the CHA at the Manezh.

2004 - Fiuggi, Italy. «St.Petersburg Days» in Italy.

2004 - Stockholm, Denmark. Exhibition «First visit» at the Royal Academy of Arts.

2005 - Riga, Latvia. Exhibition «New Names».

2006 -2007 - Delft, Holland. Exhibition «Saint Petrsburg’s Art».

2007 - Moscow, Russia. Exhibition of Diplomas, devoted to the 250-anniversary of the Art Academy at the Manezh.

2007 - Moscow, Russia. «Youth Exhibition» at the Artists’ Union of Russia.

2008 - Moscow, Russia. Exhibition «My Motherland».

2008 - Beijing, China. Exhibition «Russian Landscape».

2008 - St.Petersburg, Russia. Exhibition «Music of Soul» at the Manezh.

2008 - Russia. Traveling exposition «Big Volga».

2008, May-September - Moscow, Russia. One-person exhibition «Spring of Russia», the City Hall.

Her works are among private collections in Russia and abroad: Spain, England, France, Japan, Germany, Belgium, Caribbean Isles, America, Latvia and Lithuania, Italy, Switzerland and Brazil.

"I was born in the family of an artist and musician, so it is important for me to feel and to hear sounds, melody and silence in a painting, and to find an image in music. To get harmony, zest for life, its lyricism, evenness, immovability, occasionally ingenuous perception of the world, sincere, appealing, fragile, fairy and sometimes set within time is my concern. I try to externalize this concern while testing the technique of writing, color and compositional solutions and uncommon solutions. I reflect what is happening, what affects me, just simple stories. I consider them to be all my life and all its sense."

Prudnikova Lina. Painting (296 artworks ) >>

Дом на улице Кирова. Уржум
Однажды, когда солнце садилось в маленьком городке Хорватии
Теплый вече
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Prudnikova Lina. Graphics (109 artworks ) >>

Егор Белкин
Портрет Отца
Портрет отца. Фрагмент - продолжение
Портрет отца. Фрагмент
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Prudnikova Lina. Batic (23 artworks ) >>

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Prudnikova Lina. Copies (24 artworks ) >>

Хлебовский Станислав Пленение Баязида Тимуром
вольная копия с фото
Кормящая Мадонна. Неизвестный автор. Фрагмент
Кормящая Мадонна. Неизвестный автор
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Prudnikova Lina. Jeweller art (182 artworks ) >>

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Prudnikova Lina. Wall painting (15 artworks ) >>

Роспись в межквартирном пространстве
Роспись в лифтовой
Роспись в детской комнате
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Prudnikova Lina. Decor (25 artworks ) >>

Шарф из войлока
Шарф из войлока
Бабочка для дочи
Эскизы кованных перил
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Dugarzhapov Bato.
Bright day
Dugarzhapov Bato. Bright day
Korotkov Valentin.
Not titled
Korotkov Valentin. Not titled
Gribennikov Vasily.
Gribennikov Vasily. Flood
Fomina Lyudmila.
Still life with figs and grapes
Fomina Lyudmila. Still life with figs and grapes
Komarov Nickolay.
Not titled
Komarov Nickolay. Not titled
Sushkova Olga.
Not titled
Sushkova Olga. Not titled
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