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Продажа картин. Картинная галерея. Живопись, графика, рисунки

Zhuravleva Daria. Mirror
Zhuravleva Daria.

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Komorny Sergey

Komorny Sergey

City: Chuguev, Ukraine
URL: //
Contacts:e-mail to the artist
Artworks total: 313
Registration date: 2008.09.11
ArtNow rating:
     - painting: 523
     - graphics: 535

The work of the Sergiy Komorny benefit from deserved popularity among art fans. For many years, the artist has been staying loyal to such genre-paintings as landscapes and portrait, which most fully respond to the peculiarities of his creative identity. Sergiy Komorny views the surrounding world as a fine lyric; so the admiration of the beauty of the world, the glorifying of life-giving forces of the nature, the emotional grasp of the reality are essential in his works.
Sergiy Komorny was born on the 23 of May 1963 in the Ukrainian town Chuguiv. In 1982, he graduated from the Kharkov Art College, where he received professional training at the design department.1989 participating in numerous group exhibitions his country and abroad. 2003 goined the National Union of Ukrainian Artists. A large number of his works are displayed in public and private collections in Ukraine, Austria, Germany, Israel, Canada, USA, Ukraine, Russia.
The way of his self-expression is graphic art, or more exactly pastel drawing, which in the character of expressive means is closer to painting and only the material -paper - makes it, related to graphic art. The stile of the artist’s thinking and his hand are the most vivid in color drawing. Sheets become irresistibly attractive due to their colorful play, harmony of diversity of shades - purple, ash lilac, light and dark blue and so on, which cover the whole surface of the paper. The painter has accepted the experience of the contemporary arts tending to capacious forms bearing symbols of time, integrity, organized work of imagination and memory. He has created compositions showing skillful and exact proportions of decorative and poetic elements. Sergiy’s works saturated with complex associations depict the present-day structure of emotions stressed and deformed in their dynamics, equally tending to enlighten contemplation about eternity and to the restless psychology of real sensation. Most of the artist’s pastel’s were the result of a spontaneous action stimulated by the impression of he saw, read or experienced emotionally. They however show very seldom a particular situation the atmosphere of something material. The artist present himself as a creator of a myth. His is absorbed in designing the artistic texture whose surface and boundaries vary infinitely and the character is elusive like echo. This makes it even more attractive. His enthusiasm for the elements of impressionistic vision were further on multiplied by rigorous analytical work at the architectonics of composition. Sharp plasticity, ragged rhythm of complex structures, surface flowing one into another form alive organic material. Trying to emphasize plastic and texture expressiveness, Sergiy creates sheets whose space in saturated with the meaning of timeless character and which at the same time sparkle with deep lyricism. His intonations impresses with sensitive and fine expression of a contemporary’s soul.

Personal exhibitions

2001 - Kharkov, Ukraine, "Dais" Gallery
2002 - Kharkov, Ukraine, "Dais" Gallery
2003 - Klagenfurt, Austria, " Atelier Slocker"
2004 - Bad Pyrmont, Germany, Painting Academy “LeonArt”
2004 - Kharkov, Ukraine, Nurnberger Haus
2004 - Kharkov, Ukraine, "Dais" Gallery
2005- Chuguev, Ukraine, Muzeum of Ilia Repin
2007- Castle "Kalkhorst", Germany
2007- Bad Pirmont, Germany, "Teppich haus Persia" Gallery
2007- Chuguev, Ukraine, Muzeum of Ilia Repin
2008- Kharkov, Ukraine, Artists Haus
2010- Sumy, Ukraine, Art Muzeum

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Школа топографов. Чугуев.
Белые ирисы
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Komorny Sergey. Graphics (209 artworks ) >>

Осенний палисадник
Теплое утро
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