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Kovalevscky Andrey. Morning in Izmailovo Park  
Kovalevscky Andrey.
Morning in Izmailovo Park

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Korobkin Anatoly

Korobkin Anatoly

City:Moscow, Russia
URL: //
Contacts:e-mail to the artist
Artworks total: 50
Registration date: 2008.05.28
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Korobkin Anatoly

1974. - Born in Krasnodar

1995 - Graduated from Krasnodar Art College, School of painting.

1995 to 2001, Studies in Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, a workshop of historical painting, the hands. I. Glazunov.

2004 and 2006. - Postraduate Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.

2000 - 2002. - Taught at the Moscow School of Watercolor Andriaka.

2003 - 2006. - Taught at the Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture at the Department of the figure.

2001 - Publication in the journal "Young Artist", dedicated to the best thesis students in 2001

2002 - Publication of the album, "The Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture».

2006. - Publication of the album "A Thousand Russian Artists", published by "White City".

Participated in exhibitions:

1995 - "New names of Russian realism, " Arena. St. Petersburg

1998-2001. - Participation in the auctions of Russian art in London.

1999 - Member of the youth's creative giving "Volga artist, " Kineshma

2000 - The exhibition "Northern Palmyra", Krasnodar

2001 - An exhibition of works in the Central House of Arts graduates RAZhViZ "Manege", Moscow

2002 - National Youth Exhibition "Youth of Russia", Central House of Artists, Moscow

2002 - Exhibition of watercolors School teachers Andriaka "Master and Apprentice"

2003 - Exhibition "Light festival"

2005 and 2006. Participation in the creative journeys of the Center for the Arts of St. Petersburg on o.Konevets and Kostroma. Exhibitions in St. Petersburg arena, and the Federation Council of Russia.

2005 Exhibition of "The Seasons" in an antique gallery "On Staromonetny", Moscow

2007 - Participation in the exhibition devoted to 20 anniversary of RAZhViZ Kremlin, Moscow

2007 - Show students RAZhViZ-Moscow, Central Exhibition Hall Manege, Moscow

2007 - Exhibition Gallery "Yakimanka", Moscow

2007-2008. - Exhibition in the "Klaipedos gallery", Klaipeda, "Library Mažvydas", Vilnius, Lithuania and the Russian Center for Nellie, Riga

2008 - Exhibition in RAO UES of Russia within the «Academia +» with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation

2008 - Exhibitions "Stop a moment, " "Royal Hunt" and "Mysterious Stranger" Gallery "Helena»

2008 - Personal exhibition in the Cultural Pushkino.

2008 - One-man exhibition at the Art Museum, the Pushkin, Moscow region.

2009 - Personal exhibition in Krasnoarmeysk.

2009. - Participation in Regional Exhibition Artists' Union of Russia in Krasnodar.

2009 - Publication of the album "The Russian Art 2009", published "Moscow Media Group." He was awarded a diploma for the contribution to the development of Russian art.

2009 - Participation in exhibitions of Moscow Artists 'Union (Jubilee Exhibition of the Artists' Union, the Orthodox exhibition Shchelkovo, wedge).

2009 - Participation in the World Alliance "Peacemaker", Central House of Artists, Moscow. He was awarded the Silver Medal "Talent and Vocation".

2010 - Creative trip to the plein-air along the Volga-Kineshma, Ples.

2010g.-Participation in the "Young Artists of Russia", Central House of Artists, Moscow.

2010g.-creative trip to Picnic in the Crimea, Alupka Simeiz.

2010 - Participation in the exhibition "Moscow hospitality" gallery "Russian Estate", Moscow.
< p> 2011 - 1st Exhibition of creative association "Rolling Light", Central House of Artists, Moscow.

2011 - 2nd Exhibition of creative association "Rolling Light", the Foundation of Slavonic Literature and Culture, Moscow.

2011. - Participation in the Art Salon at the MOSINTERFIN-2011, Conference Center Swissotel Red Hills, Moscow.

2012. - Solo exhibition at City Hall in Moscow.

2012 - Exhibition "The Seasons", Moscow, Central House of Artists.

2012 - Creative Tour and plein-air in Spain and Italy.

His works are in private and corporate collections as well as the museums of the Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, Pushkin and Sergiev Posad.

Is a member of the International Art Fund, the Union of Artists of Russia.

Korobkin Anatoly. Painting (48 artworks ) >>

Дворик Дориа-Памфили
Нефритовые бусы
Утро. Понте Веккьо
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Korobkin Anatoly. Copies (2 artworks ) >>

Инфанта Мария-Терезия. Диего Веласкес
Портрет Томаса Чалонера. Копия с картины А.Ван Дейка


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