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Mikhalskaya Katya. Not titled
Mikhalskaya Katya.
Not titled

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Artists / Cherkas Oksana

Cherkas Oksana

City: Belarus, Minsk
URL: //
Contacts:e-mail to the artist's agent
Artworks total: 218
Registration date: 2008.04.19
ArtNow rating: 577

Oksana Cherkas is an interesting artist with a very unique style. It seems, that different feelings and emotions inside her are in a continual struggle, which is then displayed on a canvas. Oksana Cherkas’ painting is close to expressionism and primitivism. From the former the artist has taken the bright colours, the intense black contour and energy of feeling, from the latter she has taken the ability to reach a pictorial purpose in the straightest and shortest way. Heroes of her pictures: men, women, children, old women, dogs, cats, elephants reflects widely the surrounding world. It is worth noting that her works actually refers to the contemporary world and are even directed to the future.

Irina Sycheva,
Art critic,
Elder Research Officer
of the “Van’kovich house” Department of the National Museum of Arts of the Republic of Belarus

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Зеленые классики
Я клоун
Зеленый сон
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