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Продажа картин. Картинная галерея. Живопись, графика, рисунки

Bruno Tina. Horse
Bruno Tina.

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Artists / Egorov Maxim

Egorov Maxim

City: Ekaterinburg, Russia
URL: //
Contacts:e-mail to the artist
Artworks total: 25
Registration date: 2008.02.22
ArtNow rating:
     - painting: 187
     - graphics: 245
     - decor: 166

Maxim Egorov was born in Russia, Sverdlovsk City June 23rd 1988. Started painting at the age of 11. Then comes competitions, exhibitions and different projects.

Competitions, Exhibitions, Projects:

May 2004 Yekaterinburg City "College labels competition" - 1st place

August 2004 Yekaterinburg City "School uniform through the eyes of kids" - 3rd place.

January 2005 Sverdlovsk Region " Project Northern Dialogue" - 2nd place

October 2005 Regional competition "Diamond edges"

March 2006 Yekaterinburg " Golden Brush" under a project "City of Friends" 1st place.

May 2006 Yekaterinburg "Golden Brush" -1st Place.

October 2006 Yekaterinburg 'Me and the Elections"

October 2007 Yekaterinburg, project " ART Debut" with support of MTV Yekaterinburg.

May 2012 Ekaterinburg art project "Showcases" in the framework of the "FASHION TRENDS OF BEAUTY" International Exhibition-Fair.
Personal Exhibitions and Projects:

November-December 2004 Yekaterinburg City
City Hall Library. Exhibition " Art-Fusion"

June-July 2007 Yekaterinburg City
Movie theater "Kosmos" Exhibition "Art Fusion"

November 2007 Yekaterinburg City
Interiors of "Torketti" Project "Art Fusion part-2 Look from the Inside"

May-June 2008 Yekaterinburg City
Art Cafe Pizhon project " Club in Style of Art" with DJ Reznik

July 2008 Yekaterinburg City
Girls market "Gringo" Exhibition "Art Fusion part 3"

May 2009 Cafe-Club Tush exclusive Exhibition " Art Fusion part 4"

June 2009 Yekaterinburg City
"The Hooch pub" Project "Big Bada Boom"

December 2009 Yekaterinburg City
Gallery of the Kolizei movie theatre Exhibition "Art Fusion part 5"

The painter works in a special technique named "Art Fusion" which means original combining of styles in artwork.

When doing his pictures Maxim uses different techniques and styles and thus different materials as well.
For example: In the picture " Loneliness" he used (Stained-glass, Gilding, Canvas, Paper on vegetative basis and another.)

Pictures of Maxim Egorov are popular among A-class restaurants, night clubs and private collectors from different countries.
He's constantly working on a new concepts and has many intriguing projects.
Maxim Egorov known by his unusual and original exhibitions and projects. You can find out about his exhibitions in newspapers, magazines, TV shows. The places he choose for his exhibitions are very unpredictable and controversive. That makes any of his projects interesting and attractive.
Maxim Egorov makes a Big plans for his Art future and generates a lot of ideas on organizing new exhibitions and projects and original themes and topics for his new creations.

Egorov Maxim. Painting (14 artworks ) >>

На рассвете чувств ©2009 Максим Егоров
Кофейное настроение
Экспрессия эмоций
Коктельное расположение духа
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Egorov Maxim. Graphics (8 artworks ) >>

Пирамида Времени
Вавилон врата Бога
Мой реквием
Аллегория любви в творчестве А.А.Блока ©2008 MAXIM EGOROV
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Egorov Maxim. Decor (3 artworks ) >>

Оркестр ©2008 MAXIM EGOROV
Натюрморт ART ©2008 MAXIM EGOROV
Одиночество ©2008 Максим Егоров


Andrianov Andrey.
Not titled
Andrianov Andrey. Not titled
Volosov Vladmir.
Autumn in the Park
Volosov Vladmir. Autumn in the Park
Medvedev-Orlovskiy Igor.
White tale
Medvedev-Orlovskiy Igor. White tale
Sevryukov Dmitry.
Red roses
Sevryukov Dmitry. Red roses
Panina Kira.
Not titled
Panina Kira. Not titled
Murtazin Ildus.
The rustle of leaves
Murtazin Ildus. The rustle of leaves
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