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Samoilik-Artyushenko Valentina

Registration 2019.10.20
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Painting (3 artworks)

Girl with seagulls
Beach. Sun bunnies
Istanbul. Bosphorus Strait


Born in 1981 Yalta
1996 finished Yalta child art school
2001 Krimske art school im. Samoksha
U2007 finished the Kharkiv State Academy of Design with that mystery, the “Monumental Painting”Valentina Samoilik-Artyushchenko's works are an experiment that reveals the possibilities of a pictorial language. The dominant medium of her art is color. It intertwines a meaningful canvas of symbols, has hypnotic and expressive power, forms an empathic connection between the author, the work and the viewer.
Contrasting weaving of colored spots creates a vibrant dialogue on the surface of the canvas. Blue hues are acquired in compositions of canvas character inversion, as well as in red or orange objects that are sometimes struck by its cold harshness.
Local spots bordering blocks of tonal disperse colorfulness are a marker of matter and essence, therefore, they are most often encountered in the image of people, while the world around keeps its variability and metamorphicity. It is precisely because of such easiness that still lifes and landscapes remain passionately alive, they never show ice static, and only the moment after which the vertigo of life continues again.
The theme of the lost paradise, which part can be found in our world, is one of the leading ideas in her works. Drawing on her roots she reproduces the Old Testament story of her own idea of Garden of Eden, drawing on her own imagine of an ideal peace of mind near the sea coast. The brightly lit palette fills the image with the mythological content, forcing the waves to the flicker, whitened feathers of birds and turning a piece of earth into a place for pleasure and serene bliss.
On the sandy beaches, the beauties, whose bodies form monumental melodic rhythms, sunbathe. The image fills the background of the canvas, regardless of the size to which the last grows. The author seems to always suggest a fragment, on the one hand, forcing to wait for the continuation of history, and on the other - gently covering the depicted beauties. Their nakedness is pure and natural, and the action on the canvas is left to any shyness.
The artist does not limit her own works to a physiological aspect. She strives to express vitality, which allows the character to be obtained not only frankly physically but also immodestly metaphysically.
Among the series of canvases, which demonstrate the beauty of bodily physics, is the image of soft babies, which are more like angel-brawlers. Another series - sensitive portraits. Despite the fact that these images do not have specific models, they come to life through the implementation of a collectable feminine image.
The expressiveness of female characters brings them closer to the faces of the Madonna, merciful and forgiving. Barely noticeable corners of the lips form a sympathetic smile, and the eyes are full of thoughtfulness, dreaminess and all-embracing love.
This emotionally strong figurative-stylistic language emerged from the life-affirming vision of a artist who lived part of her life in the Crimea. A great role is played and the connection is maintained with the deep female essence, which delivers delicateness and elegance to the canvases, inspires their life, completing them with the firm conviction and the existing inner core. A spontaneous sentimentality allows you to look beyond the veil that hides the author herself.
Svinin Andrey
Svinin Andrey. Seer
399 USD
Oligerov Alexander
Important birds
Oligerov Alexander. Important birds
2490 USD
Samokhvalov Alexander
Samokhvalov Alexander. Eden
466 USD
Chistyakov Yuri
The autumn sky
Chistyakov Yuri. The autumn sky
1779 USD
Korotkov Valentin
Not titled
Korotkov Valentin. Not titled
2398 USD
Medvedev-Orlovskiy Igor
at the bottom of the sea
Medvedev-Orlovskiy Igor. at the bottom of the sea
601 USD

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