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Milyukov Aleksandr. Crimean triptych
Milyukov Aleksandr.
Crimean triptych

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Suvorov Vadim

Suvorov Vadim

City:Odessa, Ukraine
Contacts:e-mail to the artist
Artworks total: 13
Registration date: 2018.10.25
ArtNow rating: 566

Vadim Suvorov (Tsirkulenko) is Ukrainian realist artist. He was born in 1986 in the Mykolayiv region. He studied at the College of Culture. In 2010 he graduated from the Odessa Art College M.B. Grekov. Then he studied at the Kharkov Academy of Design and Arts. For a long time he took part in the project Realism without Borders USA, (analogous to the association of traveling exhibitions). Works in the genres of portrait, landscape, still-life. In his works he uses the achievements of classical realistic art.

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Портрет Олеси
Композиция в синем
Розовый день
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Medvedev Igor.
Winter ducks
Medvedev Igor. Winter ducks
Komarov Nickolay.
Not titled
Komarov Nickolay. Not titled
Vedeshina Zinaida.
Summer holiday
Vedeshina Zinaida. Summer holiday
Pushina Tatyana.
The bouquet in cold colours
Pushina Tatyana. The bouquet in cold colours
Garcia Luis.
Lady's joy
Garcia Luis. Lady's joy
Abzhinov Eduard.
Not titled
Abzhinov Eduard. Not titled

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