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Braginsky Arthur. Mercury
Braginsky Arthur.

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Artists / Grigorieva Natalia

Grigorieva Natalia

City: Moscow, Russia
URL: //
Contacts:e-mail to the artist
Artworks total: 3
Registration date: 2018.09.19
ArtNow rating: 83

Painter, graphic artist, book designer, illustrator, teacher. Lives and works in Moscow, Russia.

Representative of an ancient Moscow genus of Filippov-Polyansky-Parfentiev, the artist Natalia Grigorieva was born in 1972 in the historical Moscow district, the corner of Prechistenka street and Obukhov lane, in the 1904 building by architect Semeon Kulagin. The building became the prototype of the Dr. Preobrazhensky’ home in Michail Bulgakov's (1891-1940) epic novel "The Dog's Heart".

Graduated from The Moscow Polygraph Institute, The Institute de Langue et Civilization Françaises, The Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, The Cite International des Arts, The Mendocino Art Center, California, USA. Field of study: graphic design and book illustration.

More than 60 solo and group exhibitions in Russia and worldwide. Designer of more than 200 books. Member of the Moscow Artists Union. Grand Concours International Award winner. The developer and organizer of the unique art courses, private classes and plein airs.

Participant of international charity auctions and programs: "Operation HOPE" ("Operation HOPE"), International Charity Fair in Luxembourg, "White Dreams", Lithuania, " Long Live to Children!"Moscow, Russia.

Natalia Grigorieva's works held in collections of Fund of Culture of Russia, Polenovo Museum, in private and corporate collections in Russia, England, Austria, Luxembourg, USA, France, Italy, Israel, Finland, Lithuania, South Korea, Japan.

"The first paintings are full of cultural references, which does not detract from their independence. On the contrary, Natalia Grigorieva immediately declares her teachers, lovingly and respectfully studying the achievements of the great French of the 19th - from Monet to Cezanne and their Russian followers of the 20th century. Grigorieva started her work not as an experimenter, but as a guardian of values. She has carefully opened the coffer, which stores the artistic achievements of previous eras, and tried on the heritage of the past. At a time when many representatives of the artistic mainstream tried breaking the rules, she was working out the accumulated past, seeking for her own route. Simultaneously investigating the past, the artist carefully observed the live nature in its volatile states, the movement of air, the play of shadows and light. No accidently the art critic Serguei Glagol (1855-1920) inscribed beginning of the 20th century: “Moscow landscape painters left Levitan's school, and this school stole a lot from the hiding places of Russian nature and told us a lot in a very strong way.” Natalia Grigorieva's way, like the way of many Russian artists of the early twentieth century, passes in-between many directions. It is this special position that provides the artist with freedom, originality and allows to fully express the essence. Paying tribute to impressionism, in expression of Michail Herman (1933) "portal of freedom", the artist mastered his techniques and learned his language"- Alexander Borovsky, MA art history, head of Modern Trends Dept., The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia.

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