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Artists / Okhrimenko Anastasiya

Okhrimenko Anastasiya

City: Omsk, Russia
URL: //
Contacts:e-mail to the artist
Artworks total: 20
Registration date: 2018.01.10
ArtNow rating:
     - painting: 63
     - graphics: 122
     - mosaic: 28

I was born in 1992 in the Omsk region, Russia. Since childhood I have been engaged in painting and drawing. After graduating from the school I entered the Omsk State Pedagogical University with a specialty in monumental and decorative art. Since 2016, I have been exhibiting publicly, taking part in exhibitions from the city to the international level, and performing cultural projects. I work with a wide range of fine techniques - from traditional pictorial to modern computer graphics. I am inspired by folk decorative art, the nature of Siberia, random views from the window. Favorite genre is the landscape. Favorite artist-Cezanne.

Creative activity

The winner of the nominal scholarship of the Governor of Omsk region in 2017

Diploma of the II degree of interregional exhibition-competition "Young pastelists of Siberia" (2016).

Diploma of the third degree in the nomination "Painting" of the VI All-Russian creative exhibition-competition within the framework of the laboratory "Regions, Cities: Views and Parallels" (2016).

Diploma III degree of the first All-Russian competition "The best student project in the field of culture." Moscow (2017).

Member of the World Art Forum Art Geography (2017).

Member of the II regional exhibition-competition among non-union artists (2017).

Member of the regional contest for the best art object "Heritage of the World Festival of Youth and Students in my city" (2017).

Member of the collective exhibition of the youth branch of the ORO VTOO "Union of Artists of Russia." Novosibirsk (2017).

Participant of the tenth All-Russian contest for design of environment objects "Ecology + design". Sochi (2017).

Participant of the youth ecological forum "Ecofest" Picnic "in Omsk (2017).

Participant of the 1st All-Russian Internet Competition for Student Academic Drawing. Omsk (2016).

Okhrimenko Anastasiya. Painting (5 artworks ) >>

Портрет девушки
В тени сосен
Лето октября
Портрет девушки
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Okhrimenko Anastasiya. Graphics (14 artworks ) >>

Портрет девушки
Портрет мальчика с игрушкой
Портрет женщины
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Okhrimenko Anastasiya. Mosaic (1 artworks ) >>

Северный ветер


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