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Продажа картин. Картинная галерея. Живопись, графика, рисунки

nNogina Irina. August
nNogina Irina.

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Artists / Yurpalov Vladimir

Yurpalov Vladimir

City: Moscow, Russia
URL: //
Contacts:e-mail to the artist's agent
Artworks total: 13
Registration date: 2017.09.20
ArtNow rating: 126


(1954 b.)

The painter, the representative of the underground. Born in 1954 in the city of Ust-Kachka, Perm region. Graduated from the Perm school of arts and graphics (1972) and artistically-graphic faculty of Moscow state pedagogical Institute (1982). Worked as a teacher of painting and drawing, artist and Illustrator. Since 1982 professional artist easel. One of the founders and a participant of all exhibitions of creative group "Hammer"

Participated in over 70 exhibitions, of which 19 international and 12 personal. The artist's works are in galleries, corporate and private collections in Russia, CIS, England, Austria, Australia, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Canada, Netherlands, USA, Turkey, Finland, France, Japan, etc. Lives and works in Moscow.

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Картина " Осенний день " оргалит , масло.
Миленькие туфельки в цвету
Поэтическая нега
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Medvedev-Orlovskiy Igor.
Chicks are hatched
Medvedev-Orlovskiy Igor. Chicks are hatched
Vedeshina Zinaida.
Not titled
Vedeshina Zinaida. Not titled
Veranes Tatiana.
Not titled
Veranes Tatiana. Not titled
Malyusova Tatiana.
Crete, the village
Malyusova Tatiana. Crete, the village
Zhuravleva Daria.
Autumn still-life
Zhuravleva Daria. Autumn still-life
Rodionov Igor.
Not titled
Rodionov Igor. Not titled
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