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Mirgorod Igor. Not titled
Mirgorod Igor.
Not titled

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Artists / Platonova Ekaterina

Platonova Ekaterina

City: Moscow, Russia
URL: //
Contacts:e-mail to the artist's agent
Artworks total: 0
Registration date: 2017.09.12
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2015 - 2017 programme "New artistic strategies" of the Institute of contemporary art, Moscow
2015 - Udmurt State University Institute of Arts and
Design, faculty of ARTS, specialization "Painting and pictorial composition."
2009 - school of arts №2, specialty "Fine arts"
art Department, Izhevsk.
Additional education:
2017 – Dukley summer school, Montenegro, Kotor.
2016 – participant of the International Summer school at the Academic dacha named after I. E. Repin outside Vishny Volochok, Russia. The theme of the summer school “Identities and Uncertainties“ (Identity and Uncertainty) In the Summer school was attended by students and teachers of IPSI (Moscow) and the Faculty of arts of the University of Goldsmiths (London).
2015 – a basic course "Basics of photography", MAERS SCHOOL, Izhevsk.
2015 – member of the Youth forum of Volga Federal district "Ivolga 2015". The winner of the competition projects (Federal stage).
2015-2010 – took courses in painting, drawing, anatomy and composition, honoured culture worker of the Udmurt Republic, Member of Union of artists of Russia and the Union of artists of Udmurtia is known as an artist Orlov, Sergei Anatolyevich.
2013, 2014 – participant of all-Russian youth forum "Seliger", change "Art Kvadrat" direction "Visual art".
2014 - winner of all-Russian forum "Seliger 2014" in the nomination "Visual art" direction "ART Square".
2012 – participant of the Symposium with representatives of the Academy of Arts, UdSU, Izhevsk.
1.g. Izhevsk, art-center "Grifon", 2015 First solo exhibition, "Looking for someone".
International exhibitions:
1. Saint-Petersburg, 2014, Ceremonial hall of the Congress hall Vasilievsky
the art ArtExpoSPb.
2. Moscow, 2016, CTI Fabrika, the exhibition "Tells Izhevsk". A special project of V Moscow International Biennale for Young art.
3. London, 2016 the exhibition "New Now", PHILLIPS.
4. Montenegro, Kotor, 2017, group exhibition, Dukley European Art Community.
Russian exhibition:
1. Izhevsk. 2013, 2014. Festival "Art Square".
2. Moscow. 2014 – winner of all-Russian forum "Seliger 2014" in the nomination "Visual art" direction "ART Square".
3. Moscow, Central house of artists, 2016. Russian art exhibition "Young artists of Russia". Vtoo "Union of artists of Russia".
4. Izhevsk, 2016, Museum of Fine Arts, the exhibition "Tells Izhevsk". A special project of V Moscow International Biennale for Young art.

Regional exhibitions:
1. Yoshkar-Ola, 2015. exhibition "Volga young."
2. Kazan, 2014. Youth exhibition "Indifference".
Republican exhibition:
1. S. zav'yalovo, SD. 2014 exhibition "New names".
City of the exhibition:
1. Izhevsk, Russia, exhibition center "Gallery", 2013, Exhibition of visual arts "young City"
2. Izhevsk, Russia, exhibition center "Gallery", 2014 Youth festival of visual arts
"Izhevsk. Time to create!"
3. Izhevsk, Russia, 2014 the jubilee exhibition "Izhevsk*Yes".
4. Izhevsk, UR Union of artists 2015 Exhibition "ARTFUL"
5. Izhevsk, Art residency, 2015 young artists Exhibition "Reconstruction".
6. Izhevsk, SC "Petrovsky" 2015 Exhibition "ART DRUGS"
7. Moscow, IPSI, 2015 Group exhibition "Security".
8. Moscow, CTI "Factory", 2016: group exhibition "Body".
9. Moscow, IPSI, 2016 Group exhibition "Mimesis".
10. Moscow, IPSI, 2016 Group exhibition "Postcard for March 8".
11. Moscow Omelchenko Gallery, group exhibition of IPSI.
12. Moscow, IEC "worker and collective farm girl", 2017 Group exhibition of IPSI "It could be".
13. Moscow, 2017, the Jewish Museum and tolerance center, group exhibition of 25 years of IPSI.


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