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Dementiev Alexandr

City:Saint-Petersburg, Russia
URL: //
Contacts:e-mail to the artist
Artworks total: 642
Registration date: 2007.11.02
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     - graphics: 585

I'm immersed in art since the age of 18 and mastered different mediums from simple pencil to oil paints,
had several exhibitions and publications. In life I'm often serious, responsible and not always courteous
with people, but positively thinking. I dream when I'm alone and sometimes have deep nostalgia. Аll my ancestors are russians.

Perhaps I'm not really akin to modern artists due to my attitude and position in art. I see an artist as a person who besides talent has a lot of patience, discipline and will power. I'm too carried away with oil painting, forests and impressionism, and to be honest, I'm not able to draw manga or a digital dragon for you :)

I showed interest in drawing yet in preschool age - with colored pencils, markers and a large set of wax crayons. From 4 to 6 years many colorful images of the forest appeared. That time, I made friends with the wonderfully painted art of Slava Shraga, russian impressionist and abstract artist. I did realize that we can express our souls. As a teenager, I painted very little, and only at the age of 18 I returned to painting as the main occupation.

The newest oil paintings belong to the 2012 year and are my new path about which I
dreamed for so long. Most of them are in alla-prima technique so I spent one or two days, or even evening to complete a painting. for example, the Positive Shroom and Hawaii painting are done in one evening. But some of them I painted many years. It's hard to carry uncompleted painting through years. I had no exhibition yet with such art. My past exhibitions presented mostly pencil and pastel creations: wild animals and mushrooms. Oil paintings were not successful those years. But I like to remedy them with experience gained.

A couple of my works are the most meaningful and special: Bear's corner, Waiting, Colorful alluring thickets, Nutcracker's dash, Passions around the bride. They all have story behind. I never knew what is the best.

I chose nature - especially mushrooms as my subject and there's a story behind. We, artists, all want to be original. I'm happy when people say that with mushrooms I'm not like others, it's even a dream of an artist to be easily identified and have something like a greeting card, a brand. But the main plot is that I search for new themes in art, which are often undeveloped. The mysterious call from forest world induces great interest in work. It is the area where I can find something new, and reveal undiscovered things on canvas. I would pay with my life for this possibility.

I think that art conversely caused problems in my life. It's not the only way to develop spirituality. Also, there are guys who were in the ranks of the army, they are strong in spirit and communication, successfully work on common jobs and they are much more enduring in society than artists of the same age. I could be like them getting stable payments, girls and a car, but I had chosen art and only I am responsible for that. My hope is the plain-air in Amsterdam, the city of artists, to find out, whether is my art important or not. In Russia the artist's carrier is almost impossible.

I don't have any insecurities in my art at the moment. I keep my paintings protected from environment and choose secured places for the exhibitions.

When an artist finds his own world and technique his power is immense and spirit is strong. Never give up!

Dementiev Alexandr. Painting (172 artworks ) >>

Вид с заросшего пруда
Многокомнатное дерево
Пейзаж с деревом
Дом с елками на крыше
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Dementiev Alexandr. Graphics (470 artworks ) >>

Песчаные заросли
Портрет сидящей рыси
Пейзаж с ниспадающим деревом
Львица рычит в логове
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