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Biryukova Lyudmila. Cupid  
Biryukova Lyudmila.

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Repina Elena

Repina Elena

City:Yekaterinburg, Russia
URL: //
Contacts:e-mail to the artist
Artworks total: 288
Registration date: 2013.04.03
ArtNow rating:
     - jeweller art: 644
     - art glass: 666
     - decor: 615

I was born and raised in the city of Ulyanovsk. After school with honors and almost as successfully studied for one course Pedagogical Institute in the Mathematics Department, went to the Urals, transferred to Sverdlovsk Mining Institute (drawn to the romance), and, four years later, I became a mining engineer-geophysicist. Work on a specialty I could not last long - just a couple of years! I loved this job, and I would not have left her, had in the 90s not under the total reduction of personnel.
Had to "find myself" again, and I tried a lot of specialties, moving from city to city in search of a place where my husband and daughter will feel like home. So we returned to Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg), where as a student our family was born.
I was lucky - I never did not have to deal with the case, which was unpleasant for me. In any job, for which I was taken, I found meaning and use of their creative abilities.
From an early age, I love to do something with their hands, and this draft did not weaken with age. First it was typically female kinds of needlework: crochet and knitting, embroidery and sewing - I could make any kind of clothes from a bathing suit to coat and not only sewed the whole family, but also moonlighted orders. Then, at the behest of time has mastered a wide range of finishing works (laying of tiles and plaster to not very complex joinery), and 8 years of successful work in this field. It was at that time I saw glass products made on the technology "fusing." To say that I liked them - I wanted to learn how to do such a beauty! And now, 10 years later, I finally found the time and the opportunity to make this vision a reality - we have got a special oven and cheaply rented a studio for venues! And for the second year in bed, it can be said once - is haunted by numerous remaining unrealized ideas, not all the features fusing I have studied, and, therefore, in front, still, a lot of interesting things!
I suggest you enjoy some part of what I managed to create during this time!

I do not have Art Education - unfortunately, even never visited the School of the Art… Fusing mastered experimentally using the Internet (parallel mastering and computer basics.) So I - typical self-taught craftsman… However, last summer (June 2012) art show at the Yekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts held a three-week exhibition and sale of my work (it was called "Escape Time"), which was visited by many residents and guests of Yekaterinburg. At this my track record so far ends…

Repina Elena. Jeweller art (106 artworks ) >>

Комплект украшений из плавленного стекла с дихроиком "Подснежник" стекло фьюзинг
Комплект украшений "Зимняя сказка" стекло, фьюзинг
Комплект украшений из плавленного стекла с дихроиком "Ход конём" стекло фьюзинг
Кулон "Ирис" дихроическое стекло фьюзинг
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Repina Elena. Art glass (91 artworks ) >>

Декоративное панно "Африка" фьюзинг, стекло
Настенные часы "Прованс" 3 стекло фьюзинг
Часы настенные с иероглифом "Время сакуры" стекло фьюзинг
Настенные часы "Радость" стекло фьюзинг
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Repina Elena. Decor (91 artworks ) >>

Абажур из ажурного стекла "Летний полдень" стекло фьюзинг
Большое блюдо для праздничного стола "Царь-рыба" стекло, фьюзинг
Большое блюдо для праздничного стола "Царь-рыба" стекло, фьюзинг (фрагмент)
Стеклянные часы "Новогодние"-2 стекло фьюзинг
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