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Продажа картин. Картинная галерея. Живопись, графика, рисунки

Komarova Elena. Not titled
Komarova Elena.
Not titled

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Fomina Irina

Fomina Irina

City: Kharkov, Ukraine
URL: //
Contacts:e-mail to the artist
Artworks total: 141
Registration date: 2007.03.05
ArtNow rating: 615

I’m glad to meet you at this gallery and I hope you will like my quilts.
I’ve been working in different textile techniques for all my life, but I became interested in art-quilting only several years ago. In our country this art isn’t as popular as I’d like it to be so me and my colleagues are spreading it.
I take part in various regional and national exhibitions, festivals and competitions and I’m going to participate in European ones. My quilted pictures are bought for private collections in Ukraine and abroad.

This is the list of the main exhibitions:
2004-2007 Various municipal patchwork exhibitions and festivals
2004, March Patchwork exhibition at the House of Folk Art (Kharkov)
2005, September 1st Ukraine patchwork-exhibition, gallery “Lavra” (Kiev)
2006, March Exhibition “Fiber Mosaic”, gallery “Pecherskaja”(Kiev)
2006, September 1st Patchwork-Festival, National Museum of Arts and Crafts (Kiev)
2007, April-May “Spring-Summer 2007. Rainbow of feeling”, gallery “Maestro” (Kharkov)
2007, September Final international competition “Edge of the Water” (Moscow)
2007, September “Patchwork Round-dance of Russia”, a summary exhibition (Moscow)
2007, September The 13th European Meeting Patchwork (Ste Marie-aux-Mines, France)
2007, October The 1st Russian Quilt Exhibit (Ailsa Craig, Ontario, Canadа)
2007, November 2-nd Trienalle of Fiber Art ( Exhibit-hall of Painter’s Alliance of Ukraine, Kiev)
2007, December "Quilt-Space", Exhibit-Hall of National University (Kharkov)
2008. January "The Old New Fest", Municipal Gallery (Kharkov)
2008, May "Patterns of my Ukraine", Lesya Ukrainka Museum (Kiev)
2008, June Biennale of Contemporary Textile “Scythia” (Kherson)
2008, Aug.-Sept. “Patchwork. Traditions and Contemporaneity” (Moscow)
2008, Sept. 2nd Patchwork-Festival, National Museum of Arts and Crafts (Kiev)
2008, Sept Final international competition “Butterflies and birds in liberty” (Moscow)
2008, September 2nd Patchwork-Festival, National Museum of Arts and Crafts (Kiev
2009, March “Tapices Rusos” (Dominican Republic)
2009, April “Emotions” (3-d Prague Patchwork Meeting)
2009, May “Spring Accents”, gallery “Maestro” (Kharkov)
2009, June All-Russian Festival of Patchwork, Vladimir, Russia
2009, October "Colours of Ukraine"? Fine-Art Museum (Kharkov)
2009, November Art-and Craft exposition, Lesya Ukrainka Museum (Kiev)
May-June 2010 Quilt Space, (Kharkov)
June 2010 "Kiev's Tale", International (Kiev)
July 2010 Festival "Lukomorye", (Gatchina, Russia)
September 2010 Final of international competition Euroquilt (Moscow)
November 2010 Roerich Centre (Kharkiv), solo exhibition
December 2010 "Nutcracker", Theatre Museum (Moscow)
February 2011 Days of patchwork, ExpoRijswijk (Netherlands)
March-May 2011 Puppet Theatre (Kharkiv), solo exhibition
October 2011 "Patchwork Mosaic of Russia" (Moscow), solo exhibition.
November 2011 – May 2012 “Suburb of Paradise” (Kharkov), solo exhibition.
July 2012 - Festival "Lukomorye", (Gatchina, Russia), solo exhibition.
July 2012 Festival "Lukomorie" (Gatchina, Russia), Internet Project Art-Igra
August-September 2012 "Fantasy and Reality of Art Quilt" (Kharkov)
August 2012 The European Quilt Festival (Birmingham), VII Exhibition of the European Association of art quilting.
April 2013 Quilt Expo in Beaujolais (France), solo exhibition
October 2013 Festival "Kurochka-Rjaba" (St. Petersburg), solo exhibition
October 2013 Festival " Kurochka -Rjaba" (St. Petersburg), Internet Project Art-Igra
October 2013 Quilt Festival Veldhooven (Netherlands), Internet Project Art-Igra

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Сфинкс и бабочка
Золото Земли
Диптих "Лилии в розовом и голубом"
Лилии в розовом
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