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Shishelov Igor

Shishelov Igor
Registration 2009.11.06
ArtNow rating:
     - painting: 620
     - graphics: 550
     - copies: 416
     - decor: 492

Painting (200 artworks)

Под сенью ив
Goloustnaya. Burhay
Голоустная. Бурхай
Reflections of Oltrek Island
Отражения Ольтрека

Graphics (64 artworks)

Over the lake
Над озером
Maloe Sea
Малое море
At the foot of hills
У подножия
Dawn of the Hamar-Daban
Заря над Хамар-Дабаном

Copies (2 artworks)

A copy of the icon of "St. John the Theologian and Prokhor" Beginning of the XV century. Novgorod school
Копия иконы "Иоанн Богослов и Прохор" Начало XV века. Новгородская школа

Decor (21 artworks)

Tales Berendey
Сказки Берендея
Полет шамана


I was born in Vladivostok in the family of a naval officer. He graduated from musical and art schools, architecture faculty of Irkutsk State Technical University, where in 1981 he began teacher's career.

On winter 1988-89 he'd traineeship in the house of art "Baikal" with youth stream. Since 1989 he engaged in painting and graphics professionally, by leaving the job and service.

My creativity type was formed by native city, Irkutsk where I'm living from my childhood and by Baikal village Nizhnii Kochergat where my workshop is. Thirst for romance and the search for exciting and completing today entirely realized in the art. Remain faith to the traditions of Russian realistic school, I'm interested in Siberian and East culture. I try to "carry my cross" easily and with dignity. Now I'm freelance writer who loves Russia and his small homeland "southern Baikal region".

I'm participant of exhibitions: of Siberian artists in Ulan Bator in 1988, in London in 1993. And also I'm regular participant of regional art exhibitions.

My works are in private collections in Russia, Japan, China, Korea, the UK, USA and France.
Tretiakov Denis
Tretiakov Denis. Bear
502 USD
Boev Sergey
Not titled
Boev Sergey. Not titled
567 USD
Chizhova Viktoria the glare of azure...
Chizhova Viktoria. the glare of azure...
2127 USD
Gappasov Ramil
Composition with peonies
Gappasov Ramil. Composition with peonies
1134 USD
Podgaevskaya Marina
Pink mood.
Podgaevskaya Marina. Pink mood.
780 USD
Chvanova Tatyana
Predatory Flowers #1
Chvanova Tatyana. Predatory Flowers #1
1135 USD
2269 USD

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