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6 geniuses. Russia

Ilina Ekaterina. 6 geniuses. Russia
author's technics 130cm x 40cm 2020

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Style: Symbolism
Publication date: 2020.09.01
Other artworks of the artist:
Alexander Rodchenko (photo, posters). The famous photo with a ladder is depicted on a rope for drying photos, as a symbol of involvement Rodchenko is also sitting on the stairs. Next to it hangs a photo of Rodchenkos friend, the great poet and poster maker Vladimir Mayakovsky. In the hands of Rodchenko poster with Mayakovskys favorite woman, Lily Brig. Rodchenko is in the room for displaying photos, the red light is symbolic for agitplakats and for the revolutionary mood of the time. Rodchenko appears in the photos with a tobacco pipe this is his image, characteristic of some kind of thoughtfulness, thoughtfulness.

Ilya Kabakov (total installation). A living, active artist who works with his wife Emilia Kabakova, who wraps him like a scarf, with her love and co-creation. Previously, He worked in the United States and still lives and creates. Next to Kabakov is a fragment of his iconic installation "the man who flew into space from his room". A fly sits on a chair as a symbol of art objects in which Kabakov used a fly. The fly had a special meaning in Kabakovs conceptual objects. To the right of the wall of the total installation "toilet", symbolizing the communal apartment where Kabakov lived as a child, these are memories that are reflected in all his art.
Vasily Kandinsky (abstract artist). It is depicted as part of his avant-garde painting "Composition # 4", so the floor of Kandinskys face is filled with green light. It is a symbol of immersion in the process of searching for a new direction in art as abstract painting. The portfolio is a career in law that Kandinsky abandoned in favor of art. Kandinsky also participated in the musical poem "Prometheus" by A. Scriabin, where the background of the stage was a work by Kandinsky in his authors style. He was interested in the synergy of music, light and color, so the imitation of scores is depicted. Kandinsky taught "light" at the Bauhaus, so he is sitting on a chair from the Bauhaus, it shows the German flag of the time, since he took German citizenship.
Kazimir Malevich (supremacist). He is depicted in front of the stage where his legendary "black square" first appeared in the Opera "Victory over the sun". The image of an avant-garde costume created based on Malevichs sketches for the play "Victory over the sun" is his involvement as an artist in the search for the latest solutions. This later led to a revolution in the field of art. Empty hall symbolism of the fact that the Opera failed miserably and was not accepted by the audience. Near the hands of Malevich, the name of his acclaimed exhibition "0.10", where the"black square" was also presented. Malevichs manifestos, as the main pillar of his theory of cubism, lie on the stage as on a pedestal.
Marc Chagall (expressionist, surrealist) - depicted in the image from his photo. The artist was born in Vitebsk in a Jewish family. Chagalls clothing features the star of David as a symbol of his belonging to the nation and his connection with his Jewish wife Bella. Also on the chest of Marc Chagall depicts the award "Order of the Legion of honor of France" - it was awarded to the artist as the highest sign of appreciation. On the installation, it is a symbol of his life in Paris, where he found friends, and for the first time began to call himself mark, had a home, and spent happy creative years. Marks real name is written on the right, namely Moses. Marc Chagall is pictured with his most beloved woman of all, Bella, who has passed away. This emotional pain remained with him. Marc Chagall is depicted in the context of the painting "Walk". The Louvre is a symbol of the exhibition, which was organized during the artists lifetime, contrary to the rules of the Louvre for the 90th anniversary of the artist.
El Lissitzky (architect, constructivist). On the left is the name Lazarus, his real name. In the hands of Lisitsky is an agitation poster "red Wedge beat white!" - this is one of the most famous posters. To the left of Lisitsky, the Yiddish inscription (Memoirs of the Mogilev synagogue, Milgroim magazine) is the only theoretical work of the artist devoted to Jewish decorative art. In particular, the Yiddish is a symbol of the artists initiation into the field of Jewish literature. He became one of the founders of the avant-garde style in Jewish book illustration. On the right are the famous prouns-axonometric images of various geometric bodies in equilibrium, sometimes resting on a solid base, then floating in outer space. Behind the artists back is the project of "horizontal skyscrapers", which was completely designed on paper as a construction plan.
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Street in Mstera
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Ergunov Anatoliy. On the winter pond
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