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Chigodaeva Catherine. Trembling
78cm x 78cm 2019
The artwork is framed
Available only for commission

472 USD

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Genre: Animal
Style: Realism
Publication date: 2020.06.09
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How long have you been in awe of a long-awaited meeting, date, or opening a letter? For me, the word "awe" is not something unpleasant as explained in all dictionaries, but on the contrary something airy, enthusiastic, even akin to falling in love. This feeling I feel when I get to new interesting places, meeting with old friends, it also happens that when you hand over your work to the customer, it is filled with awe - I want him to feel the same as you, being working on a project
Otroshko Aleksandr
Otroshko Aleksandr. Untitled
973 USD
Balantsov Valery
Fried eggs
Balantsov Valery. Fried eggs
243 USD
Gerasimova Natalia
In the estate Uzkoe
Gerasimova Natalia. In the estate Uzkoe
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Smorodinov Ruslan
White horses
Smorodinov Ruslan. White horses
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Chizhova Viktoria
Chizhova Viktoria. Bouquet
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Minaev Sergey
Minaev Sergey. Irises
675 USD

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