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Chigodaeva Catherine

Chigodaeva Catherine
Registration 2019.09.16
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Painting (30 artworks)

Flower arrangement 1
Цветочная композиция 1
Flower arrangement 2
Цветочная композиция 2


Chegodaeva Catherine was born in 1990, in the Altai. Currently I live in Moscow. All the years of study I studied academic painting and the last two years I master the basics of abstract art.
In the course experimentation developed its own style.

Russian Academy Of Painting, Sculpture And Architecture Named After Ilya Glazunov,2011 - 2018.
Novoaltaisk state art College, 2007-2011
The artist's Studio Drylaw A. A. 2004-2007
Art school №2 1998-2004

Personal exhibition "Feelings" Kuntsevo Plaza, 2019
Exhibition-project "Dust from under the hooves", dedicated to the anniversary of the Moscow Hippodrome, 2019
Personal exhibition In "house on patriarchs", 2018
Vernissage at the Museum of Moscow, 2018
Youth exhibition of Siberia "Passion" 2017
Personal exhibition at Altai state technical University, 2016
Participant of the exhibition in the house of nationalities dedicated to Serbia, 2016
Participant of the exhibition, "You, Domodedovo" Domodedovo airport (winner), 2015
Participant of the international plein air in Serbia, 2014
Participant of the exhibition at the Darwin Museum (Moscow) dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the Moscow zoo (prize winner), 2013
Youth exhibition of Siberia "Passion" 2011
Organizer and participant of the charity exhibition "Childishness", the Museum "open sky" Barnaul, 2010
Joint exhibition in the Altai region, dedicated to the plein air in Vladivostok, 2010

Prize-winner of art competitions
"To You, Domodedovo" Domodedovo Airport 2015
Exhibition dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the Moscow zoo. Darwin museum.
Chigodaeva Catherine
Flower arrangement 4
Chigodaeva Catherine. Flower arrangement 4
659 USD
Chigodaeva Catherine
Flower arrangement 1
Chigodaeva Catherine. Flower arrangement 1
791 USD
Chigodaeva Catherine
A long and happy life
Chigodaeva Catherine. A long and happy life
263 USD
Chigodaeva Catherine
Flower arrangement 2
Chigodaeva Catherine. Flower arrangement 2
791 USD
Chigodaeva Catherine
Chigodaeva Catherine. Tropics
395 USD
Chigodaeva Catherine
Flower arrangement 3
Chigodaeva Catherine. Flower arrangement 3
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