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Ilina Ekaterina. 6 GENIUSES
paper/water-color 69cm x 69cm 2018
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Genre: Portrait
Style: Symbolism
Publication date: 2020.12.12
Other artworks of the artist:
The picture shows 6 geniuses . The work uses symbolism associated with the lives of the artists themselves.
Vincent Van Gogh
The bandage is an incised lobe, as a result of a nervous breakdown and subsequent suicide.
Pills are hardships associated with mental and venereal health.
Sunflower-van Goghs business card
Letters letters to Theos brother with stories about their emotional torments
Frida Kahlo
The corset is the result of a car accident.
Monkey-favorite animals that surrounded the artist and replaced her children.
One leg amputation and approaching death.
Hands on the stomach - unborn children.
Pillow-mental torture, chained to the bed.
Pablo Picasso
The beach artist and his burning connections
The dove with a broken wing-divorce from his Russian wife Olga, whom he called "my dove", as a result, he began to feel a deadly hatred for her.
Palette and brushes search for different creative periods of the artist: blue, pink, African, cubism, surrealism, classical .
Andy Warhol
Falga and silver ball-creating an underground place called "Factory".
Gun and scars - shots of fan Valerie Solanes
Bank of Campbells-the soup that Warhol ate since childhood and the work that brought success, as a result of the work got on the conveyor and was performed by the "Factory" video
Camera and documentary Arthouse-the life of Andy himself, he is his own work of art
Salvador Dali
Anteater-shocking, With him he appeared in society
Jasmine flowers on the mustache - favorite flowers of the Gala
The curved finger its primacy in surrealism
Freuds book-love of Freuds theories
Cane-power and manipulation
Marcel Duchamp
A Bicycle wheel is a work Duchamp takes on the conceptual function of
Flakon creating ready-made objects, ready-made objects and presenting them as works of art
Dada inscription-creating a direction in the art of Dadaism
Image of a woman-a revolt against the academic school
Charina Anna
Zemlyanoy Val street
Charina Anna. Zemlyanoy Val street
397 USD
Bruno Tina
Bruno Tina. Chihuahua
159 USD
397 USD
Stepanov Pavel
April ordered the snow to melt
Stepanov Pavel. April ordered the snow to melt
794 USD
CHatinyan Mger
Lovers at the old house
CHatinyan Mger. Lovers at the old house
1455 USD
Nikiforov Vyacheslav
Jazz II
Nikiforov Vyacheslav. Jazz II
661 USD
Yaskin Vladimir
At the night window
Yaskin Vladimir. At the night window
900 USD

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