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Croitor Igor

Croitor Igor
Registration 2014.08.14
ArtNow rating: 602

Painting (120 artworks)

Strawberry bliss
Клубничное блаженство
After the rain
После дождя
Tea together
Чай вдвоем
Apples afloat
Яблочки на плаву


Croitor Igor Leonidovich, graduated from the Kishinev art school named after Repin, beautifully-pedagogical Department. Currently live and work in Moscow. Paint in oils in the style of "realism".
Volosov Vladmir
Shadows in the Forest
Volosov Vladmir. Shadows in the Forest
747 USD
Balantsov Valery
Balantsov Valery. Roses
298 USD
Bruno Augusto
Bruno Augusto. Lion
245 USD
407 USD
Ivanova Olga
Summer geranium
Ivanova Olga. Summer geranium
244 USD
Kovalenko Lina
Pink roses
Kovalenko Lina. Pink roses
679 USD
Solovev Alexey
Sky lines of Koktebel
Solovev Alexey. Sky lines of Koktebel
3056 USD

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