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Ilina Ekaterina. Wallpaper
paper/water-color 40cm x 60cm 2020
The artwork is framed

Price 239 USD

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Style: Symbolism
Publication date: 2020.12.12
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The artists Wallpaper is taken from the childhood where Katarina grew up in post-Soviet Russia. Almost every apartment had Wallpaper with similar ornaments and a meager color scheme. In the drawing of the Wallpaper, the artists childhood memories connected with the object world are intertwined. From an early age, a person is surrounded by an environment that stores memory. The artist had his own world of childrens objects, things, games. The artist spent her childhood and Youth in Tver. The object world has a certain symbolism. Soviet Wallpaper is a symbol of paternity in all that time, similar clothes, similar furniture, similar hairstyles. Despite this, the template environment does not cancel the unique world of the child, characteristic only of his development, even if there were negative events. The world of a child is unlike any other world of any other child, even in the abundance of these patterns.
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