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Tzarevsky Yury. Portrait of a steam engine
Tzarevsky Yury.
Portrait of a steam engine

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Artists / Graphics / Shevchuk Yuriy

Shevchuk Yuriy

City: Prague Kiev, Czech Republic Ukraine
Contacts:e-mail to the artist
Artworks total: 273
Registration date: 2009.02.18
ArtNow rating:
     - painting: 515
     - graphics: 600
     - decor: 409

Born in 1961 in Kiev, Ukraine, the artist Yuriy Shevchuk has been drawing for as long, as he remembers. But at the Kiev Art School and later at Kiev Architectural Academy (Interior Design Studio 1978-1984) under the professional guidance and rigorous classic training he mastered his refined technique. While he was at the prestigious school became his shining examples are I. Bilibin one he regards until now. Nevertheless, searching for some thing new and unusual, he developed his own style. Shevchuk adopted principles of recording his own experiences showing a plentitude of feelings and emotions in this art. Since 1993 Yuriy Shevchuk has been living in Prague. His career as an artist firmly connected with this city of great artistic concentration, where he care, driving by his striking talent, as an already accomplished master full of artistic and intellectual energy. In Prague Yuriy Shevchuk exhibits widely (Rapid Gallery, R & K Gallery, Crazy Cow Gallery and more) and enjoys great success. Be witched with jazz music with the help of his rapid sketches in his studio the artist creates with his skillful hand and sensitive brush the cool and charming figures of musicians in their action, showing in this way the positive mood and stunning spiritual intensity of this magical show, a bright world of jazz. Clarity and harmony, refined colors delightful lines are features which describe Yuriy Shevchuk as a professional and attract the interest of sophisticated art lovers and music lovers as well. It is undoubted among the leading contemporary modern artist from East European countries living in Czech Republic the artist Yuriy Shevchuk is one of the BEST.
2007 PASTEL SOCIETY OF AMERICA associate member
Group Exhibitions
1993 - 1995 RAPID Gallery Prague Czech Republic
2006 - 2007 ART Gallery Tynska7 Prague Czech Republic
2007 Michalska Gallery Prague Czech Republic
2007 - 2008 Art Gallery Laperuza Prague Czech Republic
2007 118 SALON Des Artistes INDEPENDANTS Paris France -Catalog
2007 LIBR-ART Libramont-Chevigny Belgie -Catalog
2007 ATR-EVENT Antverpen Belgie -Catalog
2007-2008 Crazy Cow Gallery Prague Czech Republic
2008-2009 Max Art Gallery Prague Czech Republic
2009 EE Fine Art Gallery Cambridge England
2010 Artfair Baden-Baden Germany
2010 выставка «Музыка и театр» в ресторане «Горки» г. Москва ул.1-ая Тверская-Ямская, д.3/
2010 10-17 ноября Выставка работ финалистов Конкурса ArtPreview Moskow Russia
2011 25-27 february Спецпроекты выставки «Бижутерия»: «Фабрика грез. Легенды Голливуда» из коллекции АРТ-КЛУБ 21 «Амбер Плаза» Moskow Russia
2011 1-30 september **Prague through the eyes of Russian artists** Russian Art Museum in Prague
2011 Oktober Open-Art Baden Baden Germany
2012 June won 2nd place in international Watercolor Contest of IWS (International Watercolor Society) catalog
2012 - 2013 December - January. Personal exhibition 'Mon Paris' in restaurant 'Tres FRANCAIS' Kiev, Ukraine

Press Releases for Yuriy Shevchuk
2009 Yuriy Shevchuk. Best Of Worldwide Artists Working In Charcoal, Pastel And Pencil Volume I (USA)
2009 Yuriy Shevchuk Is Featured In Blue Canvas ART Magazine 2 (USA)
2010 Yuriy Shevchuk Blue Canvas ART Magazine 6 (USA)
2011 Phillip Island Classic Festival of motor sport 18-20 march (Australia) catalog
2011 Yuriy Shevchuk.The Best Of Worldwide Landscape Artists Volume I Kennedy Publishing the Best of Artists (USA)
2011 Phillip Island Classic Festival of motor sport 18-20 march (Australia) catalog
2012 Watercolor Images for inclusion in book compendium of watercolour techniques-Robin Berry
2012 watercolour automotive image inclusion in book Michael Salemi- Pagoda Style Our Stores-Our Pictures-Our Cars

Shevchuk Yuriy. Painting (35 artworks ) >>

Prague Castle Steps Winter
Prague winter.Charles Bridge.
Prague Mala Strana
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Shevchuk Yuriy. Graphics (236 artworks ) >>

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Shevchuk Yuriy. Decor (2 artworks ) >>

Из серии Прага
Из серии Прага


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